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Honestly, I do not know what the hell is wrong with men…specifically one man in particular. My ex. Yeah this is one of those posts. I just do not get why some guys just do not see what they have? I am so sorry if I want the fairy tale. No I do not mean some rich asshole and a huge castle with big dick McGoo and his silver chariot. I mean someone who I can go the distance with. Someone who, 65 years later will still hold my decrepit old hand and look at my wrinkly face and saggy tits and say “you are so beautiful…let’s get the Viagra hot stuff!” In all seriousness, I am kind of bitter right now. Every girl thinks that every relationship is “the one”, or secretly she hoped it is that, but often these dumb men do not get it. They seem to grow brain dead and forget the second the bad things in life start to occur. Mine happened to abandon me right around the time I was growing sicker. Of course being called names all day is not my idea of the fairy tale anyway, but why? Is there a defect in their genetics rendering them incapable of compassion? Okay, okay I admit not all guys are neo maxi zoom assholes, but really…do I have to grow a dick to meet one? Yeah I am saying those damn gay men…yes they seem to be perfect. Of course occasionally you will meet a straight guy who has a heart, but often they have been overlooked or hurt so much they won’t open up to you. I do not know…Maybe I just want something in life. Maybe I need to become happy with myself. Maybe someday I will find that guy, if that guy is not already in my life, which some days I feel he is, but until then…until the dream of a life with love is fulfilled I will sit here wondering why the Y Chromosome hasn’t self destructed sooner than it has been with how it seems to love destroying relationships and hearts that happen to lie in it’s asshole path. Whatever. I am going to eat a choco taco and pretend for a minute I am a lesbian, or at the very least She-Ra princess of power.